Business Development

We offer a wide range of Professional Business Development courses to build and enhance business skills  allowing acceleration in people and business growth. 

Presentation Skills

Strong communication skills are essential for today’s business professionals, whether you are talking to five people during a video-conference, pitching to a new client or standing up in front of 500 at your corporate AGM.  The fear of public speaking affects around two-thirds of the population.  Reconstructing Minds presentation skills workshop will give you the tools you need to present effectively and with impact to groups of all sizes and hierarchies.

Professional Business Woman Giving Conference
Business coaches shaking hands

Customer Centric Delivery

Today, customers know what they want and therefore valuing, understanding and knowing how to be a customer centric organisation requires a awareness and appreciation across the whole organisation.  Reconstructing Minds will give you and your employees to tools champion and see the real value of providing a Customer Centric service.

Business Plans

Understanding and using strong plans is vital for business big or small to thrive in the market. we will teach you how to create and implement winning business plans and show you the relevant plans needed for you to achieve your goals.

Business meeting using tablets and laptops
Business Coach Using Laptop

Business Models

There are many types of valid Business models.
Here at reconstructing mind we will teach you them and advise on the perfect business model for you.

I Also Give  Hands-On Workshop & Talks